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Exam service FAQ

Problems booking an exam? Check our FAQs

This  section is designed to help you book an exam using the portal. It is imperative that you make every effort to book your exams as soon as your Professor has notified you that there will be an exam. A successful booking is only the first step in a set of complicated logistical procedures that the ACSD Exam Coordinator has to complete in a very short period of time for well over a thousand midterms and an equal amount of final exams.   

General exam bookings questions

Q: I’ve gone to the booking website, but I don’t see anything!

A: If the Portal doesn’t load up the ACSD website, or gives you a link, don’t panic! Here are a few hints:

  • The Portal only supports Firefox. Make sure you’re using only that browser.
  • Some browsers run add-ons, such as “Ad-Blocker.” We recommend you shut these off while you’re on the portal, or configure it to accept pop-ups etc. on

Q: How soon can I book my exams?

A: You can book all exams as soon as you are given the information from your Professors. If the exam dates are listed in the syllabus, you can book your exams as soon as you decide that you are keeping the course.

Q: I know the date of my exam, but I am not sure of the time, or my professor has not given me all the information you require – should I still book my exam?

A: YES! For exams that happen Mon.-Fri., please assume that the exam will happen during the scheduled class time. If you are wrong, we can always adjust the time as soon as you know. For exams that happen on Saturday or Sunday, you can put any time down – we will correct it and be in touch with you. It is easier for us to modify an existing exam booking than it is to fit you in late.

Q: My professor changed the date of the exam.  I had already booked it for the previous date.  Should I re-book my exam with the new date?

A: Call the ACSD at 514-848-2424 ext. 3525 to change the date. Once you have contacted us, verify on your portal that the changes have been made. Remember that your exam dates and times can be found in the “My calendar of ACSD appointments and exams” section of the exam booking page.

Q: I made a mistake when booking my exam, can I make changes?  

A: If the booking is more than 10 days in the future, you can cancel the original booking in “My calendar of ACSD appointments and exams” and book a new exam. Otherwise, contact the ACSD at 514-848-2424, ext. 3525 and we will adjust the date.

Q: I have missed the ACSD's 10 day deadline to book my exams. What should I do?

A: If you are unable to book an exam using the portal because it is in less than 10 days, come by the office (GM Building Room GM 300.00) to make a late exam request. These can only be completed in person. Please be aware that we will do all that we can to accommodate you, but some accommodations may be more difficult to provide (room alone, computer, etc.).

Q: The portal gave me an error message when I tried to book – what should I do?

A: Drop by the ACSD as soon as possible and we will assist you with booking your exam (GM Building Room GM 300.00). Please make this a priority! – the longer you wait to resolve issues, the more complicated it becomes to book the exam and get everything in place for you.

Q: Will I receive any confirmation notice of my booking?

A: Yes. The ACSD will send you 3 seperate automatic notices or reminders.

    1. When you complete an exam request, you will get a notice that we have received your request.

    2. When all the logistics of the exam have been finalized, you will receive a confirmation of your booking. This can occur 24-72 hours before the date of the exam.

    3. Two days before your exam, you will receive a reminder of your upcoming exam indicating your start time and location.


Q:  I have an E-Concordia exam, how do I book it?

In-term exams:

For students registered with the ACSD before the add/drop deadline, the eConcordia team will contact you via email to inform you about your accommodated time on exams. Essentially, the additional time you have as an accommodation will be applied to your exams automatically.
For students who register with the ACSD after the add/drop deadline, contact the eConcordia team at and provide them with the accommodated time you receive and your list of eConcordia courses.

* If there is a change in your accommodated time after the add/drop deadline, you need to inform eConcordia of the change by sending them an e-mail at


Final Exams:

eConcordia final exams are written in person in Concordia classrooms. Book your final exam via your student portal by May 27 for Summer 1, July 20 for Summer 2, November 5 for Fall 2017 and March 7 for Winter 2018. Nothing will be set up automatically for your final exams.

Exam logistics

Q: Where will I write my exam?

A: In general, if the course you are taking is downtown, the exam will happen downtown. For downtown exams, go to GM 300.00.
If the course is given at Loyola, the exam will happen on Loyola Campus. The Loyola Campus ACSD Exam office location is AD-130.
Please note: during the official final exam period – all exams happen downtown.


Q: The portal shows that the duration of my exam is 1 hour, but I know my exam is longer – what do I do?

A: After you have completed booking your exam through the portal, the ACSD Exam Coordinator sets the duration of the exam automatically to 1 hour. He then waits until we get a copy of the exam from the professor to verify the exact duration. He then inputs the exact duration + extended time (if applicable) before the exam is administered.

So when you look on your portal you will see your exam is only scheduled for an hour – that’s ok! What you need to take note of is the start time of the exam and make sure you arrive ready to write for that time. When you arrive at the room, you can verify with the invigilator the duration of the exam and your scheduled end time.

Questions about accessibility

Q: I normally use ASL interpreters for my classes and I need to have access to them during my exams in case the professor comes to visit me and I need to ask questions to her/him.  Will I be able to have access to my interpreters during my exams?

A: Make sure to book the interpreter through your advisor. For tests, quizzes, and mid-terms you will have access to them for the full length of your exams. For the final exams, you will have access to your interpreters during the first hour.

Q:  I need to book adapted transportation for my exam, how soon will I be able to know where and when I am writing, so that I can book my transport with the necessary advanced time?

A: Contact the exams team. They will work with you to get you the correct time so that you can book adapted transport. 

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