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Request textbooks in alternate formats

These are the steps to have a textbook converted to digital format.

Obtain your booklist from the Bookstore website.

Before buying your textbook, check to see if an accessible digital version is available from an online retailer.  

Note: The Concordia bookstore sells digital files of many of its textbooks and coursepacks, but cannot guarantee that the files are accessible. The ACSD therefore recommends that students who purchase their books from the Concordia bookstore buy the hard copies.

If you cannot find your book in digital format, follow the procedures below:

  • Purchase the book from any retailer or from another person.
  • Used books are eligible for conversion, as long as you have a receipt.
Email a request

Emailing your request is the most efficient way to have your books converted. Email Shanika Taylor-Haughton with the following information:

  • Your name and Concordia student ID#
  • The course number and name of your professor
  • Book title, author, edition
  • A scan or photo of proof of purchase
  • A scan or photo of the front and back covers of the book
  • A scan or photo of the inside page of the book (page with ISBN number, publisher info, etc.)
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to process your request.
In-person requests

If you are unable to email your request, you can request an appointment with Shanika in order to make your conversion requests.

  • Email Shanika Taylor-Haughton to request an appointment.
  • Bring the book and your receipt to the appointment in GM 300.06 (SGW).
  • Seperate requests must be made for each title.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to process your request.
Urgent requests

If you are in immediate need of certain chapters or sections to follow course readings and assignments, arrangements can be made. Please notify Shanika right away.

You will be contacted by email when your digital files are ready for pick up. Check your emails regularly.

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