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Accessibility for new students

Students with a variety of disability conditions can use the ACSD. Some examples are: vision, mobility, hearing, chronic medical conditions, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, mental health conditions, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

The centre can also provide services and accommodations to students with temporary disability conditions that are generally the result of illness or injury.

How to Contact us

Whether you are dealing with a permanent or temporary disability, we can provide assistance and guidance. 

To register with the ACSD, please send your request to
Once you have an appointment, you can email your documents to the ACSD advisor you'll be meeting with.

What to bring to register for services?

It is important to provide recent documentation confirming your disability to register for services. If you aren’t sure what is required or if your documentation is incomplete you can meet with an advisor who will give you feedback and guidance on what is needed.

When should you contact us?

If you have previously received accommodations at your high school, college, CEGEP or university, please contact us as soon as you have accepted your offer of admission to Concordia University.

Accommodations can also be put in place if you receive a diagnosis of a disability or medical condition while studying at Concordia.  Please contact our office to meet with an advisor.

What general accommodations are offered?

A variety of services and accommodations are offered by or coordinated through the ACSD. Some examples are:

  • Individual advising
  • Individual training on adaptive/assistive software
  • Note-taking in courses
  • An accommodated exam service
  • Workshops
  • Tutoring and Coaching
  • Disability-specific learning strategy support
  • Textbook/Coursepack conversion service
  • ASL/LSQ Interpretation coordination
  • Assistance with applying for government disability-related services funding.
Orientation Events

In early September, the ACSD generally holds an orientation event. The goal of the event is to allow new students to meet the staff of the ACSD, and occasionally some senior or expert students are present to answer questions. The details of the next orientation session will be found in the News section of our website as September approaches.

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