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Accessibility advisors

Role of the ACSD Advisor

The Advisors at the ACSD serve you in a variety of ways:

  • Accommodation planning: In your initial meeting with your ACSD advisor, you will discuss your needs and the barriers you face in the academic environment. From there, the advisor will suggest a variety of academic accommodations and services that may assist in reducing the barriers described. The accommodation plan is a living document, and so it can be modified to fit any future needs or be adapted to reduce any future barriers you face as you progress through your time at Concordia.
  • Referral services: ACSD advisors are well informed, well-connected professionals who will be able to assist you in liaising with internal and external support services.
  • Self-advocacy skills: ACSD advisors are well-skilled to coach you in ways to advocate for yourself (how to talk to professors or other professionals about your needs as a student with a disability).
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