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Program CUISI 2019

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Introduction of program and participants

Katemari Rosa

Race, Gender, and Sexual Minorities in Physics - Researching STEM Education While a Conscious Intersectional Being

Keywords: Identities, Racism, Positionality, Institutions

Mariana Paludi

Decolonial Feminism as a Research Method: Alternative methods to study the power of image making across borders

Keywords: History, Methodologies, Decolonization

Excursion to Kahnawake
Donna Goodleaf

Meeting at Longhouse Local initiatives in STEM Discussion with experts

Keywords: History, Indigenous STEM, Colonialism

Final Paper Presentation


Tanja Tajmel

EDI and Social Inequity: The Human Rights Approach to STEM

Keywords: Public Discourse, Inequity, Human Rights

Lunch Break

Gina Cody

Biographic talk, Q&A

Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break


Tanja Tajmel

Gender and Diversity in Research and Innovation

Keywords: Gendered Knowledge, Gendered Research

Lunch Break

Stefanie Ruel

STEM‐Identities through Time and Space: Historical Influences on the North American Space Industry

Keywords: Identities, History, Systems

Tom Scott

Outdoor activity at Kahnawake

Keywords: Indigenous STEM


Made‐In‐Canada Athena Swan

Keywords: Structure, Institution, Funding



Kari Zacharias

Classification, Bias, and Machine Learning, or How Our Technologies Reflect Our Values

Keywords: Values, Gendered Knowledge, Science and Technology in Society

Alain Berinstain

Diversity and Commercial

Keywords: Expeditions Business, Systems


Outcome: Students will draft a conference paper and make a presentation on their own chosen topic. The paper should be submitted by June 14th.

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