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Technical regulations for all theses

Nonstandard Theses and Thesis Components

Where the size of drawings, charts, and computer tables does not remain within the normal margins to be used, the margins may be reduced to 0.5 inch on the right and 0.5 inch on the left.

Page Format

It must be single spaced, in a standard font (preferably Times New Roman size 12, but Arial size 11 or similar fonts are acceptable), with a 1.0-inch (2.5 cm) margin all around.

Page Numbering

Pages must be numbered consecutively, as must be chapters, sections, etc. Consistency in numbering must be maintained throughout the work (including appendices). The Abstract must be page iii (roman numerals); and the text of the thesis must begin with page 1 (Arabic numerals).

Summary of Sequence of Contents

  • Title Page 
    As per sample
  • Signature Page
    The signature page, without signatures, must be included in the thesis as page 
    • The examiners’ names must be typed 
  • Abstract (must be page iii)
    • Each Master’s thesis must include an abstract with the thesis title, the author’s name, and a text not exceeding 250 words.
    • Each doctoral thesis must include an abstract with the title of the thesis, the name of author, the degree sought, ‘Concordia University,’ the year in which the degree is to be granted, and a text not exceeding 350 words.
  • Summary (if thesis is written in a language other than English or French)
  • Acknowledgements and/or Dedication
    • This page must follow the Abstract and numbered in roman numerals. Acknowledgement or Dedication is included to recognize the help, assistance and support that students have received. 
  • Contribution of Authors (for manuscript based theses)
  • Table of Contents (includes everything after the Table of Contents)
  • Lists of: Figures, Tables, Illustrations, Equations, Special Symbols, abbreviations, etc. (a separate list for each category where applicable)
  • Glossary (where applicable)
  • Thesis body
  • Endnotes (where applicable)
  • Bibliography or References
  • Appendices (where applicable, may contain reprints of journals)

Title Page, Signature Page, Abstract, Summary, Acknowledgements or Dedication and Contribution of Authors are not included in the Table of Contents.

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