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Master's thesis submission

First Submission

  • Students submit an electronic copy of their thesis to their Graduate Program Assistants for distribution to the examination committee. Please check with your Department as they may have different regulations.
  • For format information; please refer to the Thesis Preparation Guide and our sample pages
  • The defence is generally scheduled within 2 to 5 weeks from the student's initial submission of their thesis.
  • If a paper copy is required by any examination committee member, the Graduate Program Assistant will notify the student.
  • Deadline to submit to students' department are:
    • March 4 for Spring Convocation
    • August 4 for Fall Convocation


Final Submission

  • The final thesis deposit must be made through the Library Repository, Spectrum
  • The thesis must be in PDF/a format (archival PDF). For information on how to deposit theses, students must log on to Spectrum using their portal name and password. Follow instructions using the HELP button.
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro is available at the Library if you do not have the software.
  • If the thesis is not properly formatted, it will be returned for correction. The student will only be processed for graduation when all corrections are completed and thesis is successfully deposited.
    • NOTE: The signature page, without signatures, must be included in the thesis as page ii. The examiners' names must be typed.
  • Paper copies are not required by the Thesis Office; however, students should check if their department has requirements for bound paper copies.
  • Students are encouraged to submit before these dates to facilitate graduation. Final submission deadlines are:
    • April 1 for Spring Convocation
    • September 1 for Fall Convocation


Students must apply to graduate by January 15 for Spring Convocation and by July 15 for Fall Convocation

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