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E-Thesis submissions

First and final submissions of theses to the Thesis Office are primarily electronic.

To be compatible with the Library Repository (Spectrum):

  • All thesis files must be in Portable Document Format using the archival quality setting (PDF/a)
  • Read further instructions on creating PDF/a files 
  • Non-PDF/a files are not acceptable unless pre-authorized by the Thesis Office (e.g. video, audio, etc.).


First Submission of your thesis

Master’s thesis submission

Students submit an electronic copy of their thesis to their Graduate Program Assistant for distribution to the examination committee. Please check with your Department as they may have different regulations.

Doctoral thesis email submission

  • Doctoral students must submit an electronic version of their thesis (PDF/a)
  • If paper copies are required by examination committee members, you will be notified.

Students should email a copy of their thesis to along with a completed Theses Non Exclusive License form, a Doctoral/Master’s Thesis Submission form, and a copy of their CV.

You will receive an email with a checklist advising you of corrections, if any, required to your thesis format for the final submission.

Final Submission of your thesis

Guidelines for final submission of your e-thesis.

  • You must submit the final version of their thesis electronically. 
  • Paper copies are not required by the Thesis Office, however, you should be advised if the department has its own requirement for bound paper copies (supervisor(s), departmental copy). 
  • Final thesis deposit must be made through the Library Repository, Spectrum
  • Deposit deadlines will remain the same (i.e. a final approved thesis must be submitted electronically by September 1 for Fall convocation and April 1 for Spring convocation). 
  • We encourage you to submit before this date to facilitate graduation.

Electronic format

The electronic submission must be in PDF/a format (archival PDF). For information on how to deposit theses, students must log on to Spectrum using their portal name and ID. Follow instructions using the HELP button. Students will be provided with detailed instructions.

A blank copy of the signature page (with examiners’ names but without signatures) must be inserted into the final electronic submission of the thesis.


Any questions concerning the ethesis submission can be directed to the thesis office at ext. 3813 or

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