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Think outside the box. Create new syntheses of knowledge and creation. These are the hallmarks of the Individualized Program (INDI). Many stellar researchers at Concordia are prepared to help you navigate new terrains of scholarship. We offer a heterogeneous community of over 100 like-minded students to welcome you into their fold.

INDI was created by the School of Graduate Studies to provide space within the academy for a limited number of exceptionally capable and prepared students with specific research goals. An individualized program of study, INDI offers the possibility for research and graduate studies at both the master’s and doctoral levels in areas not covered by existing graduate programs.

  • INDI is designed to promote innovative approaches to issues outside the normal boundaries of research and creation of existing graduate programs 
  • INDI students engage in individualized research initiatives supported by integrated programs of study drawing on the various resources available both within and across Faculties at Concordia University.
  • In most cases, if you apply to INDI, you must propose a program involving multi- or interdisciplinary scholarship on problems that are not normally the province of disciplinary programs at Concordia.

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