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Horizon postdocs: Open positions

Position Status
In-Hospital Semi-Automated Design of Custom-Made Surgical Implants
Thomas Fevens and Kevin Lachapelle
Accepting applications
Analysis of Failure in Composite Materials and Structures
Suong Van Hoa
No longer accepting
Machine Learning and Generative Design for Advanced Manufacturing in Mass Customization
Tsz Ho Kwok
Accepting applications
Advanced Nanostructured Materials Design for Novel Rechargeable Batteries/Electrocatalysis
Xiaolei Wang and Alex De Visscher
Accepting applications
Development on Forests Surveillance and Fires Detection Using Multiple Heterogeneous Unmanned Systems and Remote Sensing Techniques
Chun-Yi Su and Youmin Zhang
Accepting applications
Secure Location Based Services via Smart Beacons in Internet of Things (IoT)
Arash Mohammadi and Konstantinos N. Plataniotis
Accepting applications
Formulate pilot knowledge using MBSE methodology to improve the efficiency of pilot training and aircraft product designing
Yong Zeng
Accepting applications
Mixed-signal integrated-circuit design for neuromorphic computing
Glenn Cowan
Accepting applications
Applications and Services Provisioning in Tactile Internet
Roch Glitho
Accepting applications
Exploring Oil Translocation Pathways and Processes in Shoreline Environments Based on Enhanced GPR Monitoring
Chunjiang An and Ashutosh Bagchi
Accepting applications
Simulation study of photovoltaic system integration in buildings and communities to provide input to public policy
Andreas Athienitis and Ursula Eicker
Accepting applications
A lipidomics approach to tracking hypoxia in the St. Lawrence Estuary
Yves Gélinas
Accepting applications
Ultrasound-enhanced Vascular Permeability for Targeted Drug Delivery
Brandon Helfield
Accepting applications
Humanizing yeast exosomes for therapeutic applications
Aashiq Kachroo and Christopher Brett
Accepting applications
Quantifying climate impacts resulting from cumulative CO2 emissions
H. Damon Matthews
Accepting applications
Development of smart nanostructured crosslinked networks: A versatile approach to solving conundrum for robust self-healability and enhanced mechanical properties
John Oh
Accepting applications
Practical and advanced models to understand, predict, manage and preserve biodiversity in an era of global change
Pedro Peres-Neto and Jean-Philippe Lessard
Accepting applications
Traceable DevOps of Ultra-large-scale Systems
Weiyi Shang
Accepting applications
Engineering T-cells using microfluidics
Steve Shih
Accepting applications
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