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Traceable DevOps of Ultra-large-scale Systems

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The increasing importance and complexity of ultra-large-scale systems make their quality and efficiency a critical, yet extremely difficult issue to address. On the other hand, DevOps has been adopted widely in practice to ensure the quality and efficiency of such large system, yet exposing new challenges to researchers and practitioners. Being aware of these challenges, we plan to enable traceability among all aspects of ultra-large-scale system DevOps. In addition, we plan the use of automated technique, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the use of these traceability data to assist in DevOps. The long term objective is to develop toolset and platforms, consisting of traceability data, measurements and models validated through rigorous empirical studies that are specifically designed to improve the quality and efficiency of ultra- large-scale systems in the context of DevOps. In particular, we plan to first Enable traceability across the DevOps life-cycle of ultra-large-scale systems. In addition, we plan to Support DevOps Intelligence based on the traceability links. The planned research program will be conducted through collaborating with real industrial practitioners.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Computer Sciences or Software Engineering.

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