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Quantifying climate impacts resulting from cumulative CO2 emissions

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An interesting recent development in the field of climate science is the finding that the total quantity of CO2 that we emit over time is a primary determinant of global temperature increase. This allows for a simple and direct estimate of the temperature change caused by a given quantity of CO2 emissions. Global temperature changes, such as the 1.5 or 2°C temperature targets agreed to under the Paris Climate Agreement, are however only an indicator of the severity of climate impacts, and do not directly reflect people’s observed experience of global warming. The “danger” of global warming lies not in global temperature increase per se, but rather in all of the many consequences of this increase. The objective of this Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowship is to expand the quantitative relationship between cumulative emissions and global temperature to link emissions directly to observable impacts of global warming. Specific research foci could include quantifying the effect of cumulative emissions on weather extremes, sea-level rise or biodiversity loss, or developing estimates of higher-resolution regional climate changes due to cumulative emissions to extend our analysis to finer spatial scales.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in climate science or related field, with experience in climate modelling or the analysis of large-scale climate model data. The candidate should have experience with scientific programming and a demonstrated record of publication in the field of climate science.

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