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Ultrasound-enhanced Vascular Permeability for Targeted Drug Delivery

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Sonoporation, the transient and reversible opening of cell membranes by ultrasound-induced vibrations of microbubbles, offers an exciting new approach to targeted therapies. As biomedical ultrasound itself confers imaging capability and is currently clinically employed worldwide, sonoporation has tremendous potential as an image-guided, selective and non-invasive drug/gene delivery platform; either through therapeutic co-injection or the development of novel cargo-loaded microbubble constructs. The Helfield group aims to understand the physical and biophysical mechanisms of sonoporation, including the physical acoustics that initiate controlled, repeatable drug/gene delivery, and the key molecular actors that sustain and reverse cell membrane wound repair and vascular permeability. Through innovative approaches involving acoustically-coupled microscopy techniques, the goal of this research program is to substantiate the merit of ultrasound-assisted targeted therapeutic delivery as a safe clinical tool for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Cell/Molecular Biology, Pharmacology or related fields. Experience in vascular biology, rodent vessel isolation, pressure myography, and en-face microscopy techniques is required. Applicants should also have a strong publication record.
Experience in biomedical ultrasound is not required but considered an asset.

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