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A lipidomics approach to tracking hypoxia in the St. Lawrence Estuary

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The St. Lawrence Estuary (SLE), a vital ecosystem for eastern Canada, is severely affected by the discharge of organic matter and inorganic nutrients from human and natural sources, leading to perennially hypoxic conditions in its bottom waters. The severity, frequency and spatial scale of hypoxia have increased in the past few decades causing the mass mortality of marine animals, benthic defaunation, loss of biodiversity, and a decline in fisheries production. In this project, we propose to exploit a combined lipidomics (high-resolution LC-MS) and isopotomics (compound-specific stable [13C/12C, D/H] and radio [14C] isotope analysis) approach to identify the relative importance of the different processes that are responsible for the continuous decrease in dissolved oxygen concentrations in the bottom waters.

Academic qualifications required

PhD in Chemistry or related fields, with experience in Biogeochemistry and Stable Isotope methods and instrumentation.

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