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Formulate pilot knowledge using MBSE methodology to improve the efficiency of pilot training and aircraft product designing

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Program description

The objective of this proposed project is to improve pilot training efficiency by integrating Model-based Systems Engineering and ontology in formulating pilot knowledge. The deliverable from this proposed project will be a set of SysML models and ontology models that describe the pilot knowledge inferring from biometric measurements and the relationships between pilot knowledge and design characteristics/features. These models will then be used to improve pilot training or make aerospace design more successful. As a result, a novel framework will be developed to bring advanced biometric measurement technologies and knowledge formulation method from the laboratory setting into the simulator-based pilot training environment. This framework can be easily extended to other complex yet critical field applications such as medical and military mission training.

Academic qualifications required

  • PDF in computer science or neuro-cognitive science; preference will be given to those who have worked in EEG based cognitive research
  • Experience in education and learning science
  • Excellent technical writing skills   
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