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In-Hospital Semi-Automated Design of Custom-Made Surgical Implants

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Thomas Fevens and Kevin Lachapelle

Program description

Recent advances in three dimensional printing technology and material science has led to the 3D printing of patient-specific anatomically correct replica models, surgical guides or cutting jigs or splints, and custom-designed implants. While advances in medical imaging technologies and 3D printing has made it possible for a surgeon to have tactile representations of a patient's anatomical structure, the next stage is to automate the manufacture of custom-designed implants. Currently, the process of design and manufacture such custom-made implants is time-intensive and out-sourced by hospitals to third party companies. The research program of the postdoctoral fellow will focus on the development of a semi-automated in-hospital system for the design and manufacture, through 3D printing, of custom designed patient-specific implants while incorporating key input decisions to be made by the surgeon. The integration of the process back into the hospital will lead to shorter wait times until surgery and, as a result, potentially fewer medical complications. Also, it will enhance the ability of surgeons to innovate with novel surgical devices and new biomaterials. The postdoctoral fellow will also take part in the Surgical Innovation program, a collaboration between McGill, Concordia and ETS.

Academic qualifications required

  • PhD in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or related fields with experience in Medical Imaging.
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