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How to become a Concordia University Postdoctoral Fellow

It is the responsibility of prospective Postdoctoral Fellows to first gain the support of at least one faculty member supervisor (within their field of research) and Postdoctoral Fellowship applications are made directly to the specific faculty member(s).

Concordia University’s Faculties are responsible for appointing Postdoctoral Fellows after this consultation occurs.

All invited Postdoctoral Fellows must register with the School of Graduate Studies (please contact the Postdoctoral Studies and Graduate Enrolment Officer or visit our Forms section).

To learn more about our faculty members and their research you may:

Policy & guidelines

The Policy on Postdoctoral Fellows applies to all Postdoctoral Fellows at Concordia University and should be read in conjunction with the Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows. The Policy has retroactive effect to January 1, 2009.

Please visit our Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows for more information on procedures to follow upon arrival at Concordia University, and the responsibilities of Concordia Postdoctoral Fellows in advance of, and throughout the course of their tenures.

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