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Sustainable Urban Transportation Planning

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Ivan Contreras and Gilbert Laporte

Program description

Urban transportation concerns the movement of both freight and people in urban areas and involves different stakeholders. The considerable urban population growth over the last decades, together with the rise of e-commerce, and the increased attention to sustainability poses important challenges for the planning of urban transportation systems, particularly in the freight transport sector. The main goal of this research proposal is to study strategic optimization models in urban freight transportation that integrate facility location, capacity planning, fleet composition, and vehicle routing decisions. In particular, it will focus on the design of two-level urban freight transportation networks involving urban consolidation centers and cross-dock satellites. Mathematical models will be developed to analyze the impact of location, capacity selection, link activation, and routing decisions on pollution when these are taken into account in the design of urban freight transportation networks. Approximate and exact solution algorithms will also be developed to efficiently solve these problems.

Academic qualifications required

  • Phd in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Transportation, or related fields with experience in mathematical modeling and in the development of decomposition methods for large-scale optimization.
  • Advanced knowledge in commercial optimization solvers (CPLEX or GUROBI) and programming skills in C/C++ or Java are required.
  • Knowledge in urban transportation planning is desirable.
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