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Contribute to our research by taking part in a study.

The following research studies are looking for people. To take part in a study, please contact the research team directly at the provided email address or phone number.

These projects would not be possible without the people who volunteer to take part in the research. Participants gain a useful understanding of how research takes place, and learn something interesting about the field, or themselves. Participation is open to the public.

We often send out emails to our subscription list when a research project is looking for people to take part. Sign up to be on the list.


Research Participants Wanted!

For a study at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre
of the Montreal Neurological Institute

Volunteers are needed to participate in a study involving imaging healthy brain activity using safe, non-invasive brain imaging techniques (magnetic resonance imaging, functional Near InfraRed Spectroscopy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).

Healthy volunteers must be male, right handed, between 18 and 40 year old, no history of neurological disorder or epilepsy and no metal in the body

Please contact the investigator to verify that you qualify to participate in the study. You will be compensated for your time and inconveniences.

For more information, send an email with TMS-fNIRS STUDY in the subject field at: or call 514-848-2424 (3393)

(Name of Principal Investigator: Christophe Grova)

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