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PERFORM Centre Research Conference 2017

Save the date for the 4th annual PERFORM Centre research conference on the topic of Physical Activity and Aging: Multidisciplinary Applications, scheduled to take place on May 19, 2017.

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For information about the PERFORM Centre Research Conferences, including archives of past programs, visit the site at:

Registration begins at 7:45am, and the opening session is at 8:15am. See the conference program at the above link for more details.

PERFORM Centre Research Conference 2016


An image is worth a thousand words

The 2016 edition of the conference also included the inaugural methodological workshop, a day of sessions dedicated to the subject of longitudinal analysis, with the goal of presenting new tools to deal with data normalization, data mining, statistical modeling and inference testing in large-scale, multimodal and longitudinal neuroimaging studies. 


Speakers and Scientific Committee (from left): Dr. Thien Thanh Dang-Vu, Dr. Louis Bherer, Dr. Wei Shen, Dr. Christophe Grova, Dr. Kirsi A. Virtanen, Dr. Jean-Paul Soucy, Dr. Julie Hides, Ed Whitlock, Dr. Sylvia Santosa, Dr. Timothy J. Hall, Dr. Karen Li, Dr. Alan Evans, Dr. Habib Benali, Dr. Pedro Antonio Valdes-Sosa

PERFORM Centre Research Conference 2015

PERFORM conference May 15-12

Speakers and Scientific Committee (from left): Dr. Karen Li, Dr. Louis Bherer, Dr. Eus J.W. van Someren, Dr. Deborah Gustafson, Dr. Kristen Knutson, Dr. Michael D. Jensen, Dr. Michelle Carlson, Dr. Jean-Paul Soucy

Absent: Dr. Yaakov Stern 

PERFORM Centre Research Conference 2014

A healthy body is the crucial link to a healthy mind.

PERFORM Conference 2014

Speakers and Scientific Committee (from left): Dr. Graham Carr, Dr. Arthur F. Kramer, Dr. Benoit-Antoine Bacon, Dr. David A. Raichlen, Dr. Alan Shepard, Dr. Kirck Erickson, Dr. Bradley J. MacIntosh, Dr. Dane B. Cook, Dr. Charles H. Hillman, Dr. Romain Meeusen, Dr. Stefan Schneider, Dr. Louis Bherer

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