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PERFORM's High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster consists of 12 dedicated servers each housing 16-cores of Intel Xeon processors with 128 GB of RAM, as well as several high-end workstations. The cluster uses an expandable grid computing architecture that allows researchers to add future workstations to it in order to tackle difficult and computationally intensive tasks.

With an installed 192 CPU cores and 1.5TB of total RAM, the HPC cluster is an excellent tool for Neuroimaging, signal processing, statistics and big data analytics. The cluster has access to over 100 TB of storage with dedicated backups on a 10Gb network. Popular scientific packages that have been installed on it include: Matlab, FSl, Minc-toolkit, SPM, and FreeSurfer.

The HPC cluster is the perfect complement to PERFORM's platforms, such as the Imaging Suite and Sleep Lab, and facilitates researchers in processing their data.

It is only available for use by PERFORM Research Members. Become a Research Member.

List of Services

The Compute Cluster has the following applications installed:

  • MatLAB
  • FSl
  • Minc-toolkit
  • SPM
  • FreeSurfer
  • Others can be installed on request


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