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Parkinson's Wellness Program

This program was developed to help people living with Parkinson’s disease, offering multidisciplinary care to support participants in maintaining their independence and quality of life. The program was designed using evidence-based scientific literature to help improve aerobic capacity, gait, balance, and coordination.

Program Overview

Week 1:

  • Initial fitness assessment (90 min)

Week 2 to 11:

  • Supervised group exercise classes (will focus on cardio, strength, range of motion, stretching, and relaxation) (90 min each, twice a week)
  • Education

Week 12:

  • Final assessment and sit-down to review changes over the 12 weeks (90 min)


  • The program includes a follow-up phone call once per month, for three months, after the completion of the program.

Add on to your program:

  • Supplement your program with extra group classes (billed separately).
  • Athletic therapy, aqua therapy, additional gym training appointments, and gym membership services are available for continual support post program.
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