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Nutrition counselling programs are designed to provide clients with nutritional guidance and support. All nutritional evaluations and counselling sessions are conducted by a registered dietitian or a dietetic intern overseen by a registered dietitian. Registered dietitians are licensed by the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ) and are members of Dietitians of Canada. Receipts are provided for medical insurance and income tax purposes.

The following services include the use of an online food journal,™ with the services of the dietitian who will be able to access your food journal and provide feedback through this tool.

Nutritional Evaluation and Feedback Appointment

This stand-alone appointment is ideal if you are comfortable adjusting your eating habits on your own, but   would like feedback on your current habits that take into account a review of your medical history, medications and symptoms.

Follow-up Nutritional Appointment

Your nutritional habits are re-assessed by reviewing your current food habits. Results from your nutritional evaluation or the previous appointment are further discussed and you will collaboratively establish goals and habits to help you achieve your goal.

Individual Nutrition Packages

Packages consist of:

  • 3 appointments (apt): nutritional evaluation & feedback appointment (1 hr.), 2 follow-up nutritional appointments (45 min. each)
  • 1 eaTracker™ monitoring feedback (value of 20$ each)
  • 2 cooking classes (2 hrs. each)

Participants may choose to focus on:

  • Treating Yourself Well:
    Provides a framework for managing your eating habits. Find out what you are already doing well and what to tweak.

    The DASH diet is supported by numerous clinical trials for its ability to manage and reduce hypertension! This program provides focused objectives for key habits and nutrients.

Other Services

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment (45 min)

A measurement using a high-quality MOXUS Metabolic System provides the professional and participant with a precise value of daily energy needs complementing the nutritional evaluation. This measure includes a report explaining what this measurement means and how it relates to overall health.


Cooking Ensemble

This project provides a communal experience for participants who want to cook and prepare simple, nutritious and affordable recipes to have on-hand throughout the week. Participants cook 5 different recipes to take home each week, with the option of purchasing additional portions.

Healthy Cooking Classes

PERFORM’s healthy cooking sessions are a fun, hands-on experience meant to equip you with nutritious, simple and affordable meal ideas to suit your lifestyle in a group setting. These sessions offer practical tips on how to add variety to your meal planning and provide you with engaging and delicious nutrient-analyzed recipes. Healthy cooking sessions are offered on Thursday evenings. A list of classes are available at PERFORM reception and on the website

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