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Group Classes

Group classes at the PERFORM Centre Gym are exercise sessions that target all muscle groups and provide a full-body workout.

There are exceptions for make-up classes, as per the individual instructors. Please call or email for specific dates for your class.

* 6-20 participants. Classes may be cancelled if there are less than 5 registrants. Notification of cancellations will be done on the Friday the week before the class begins.

* The classes are open to non-gym members as well.

* Drop-in rate per class is $12 + tax or $70 + tax for a 10 use drop-in punch card.


Looking for a group class? 

Here is what we are offering! (5-week duration)


1 hr session |  $25 + tax

Combine your love for dance and getting fit with our certified Zumba instructor Tanja Trost! 

For healthy exercisers

Monday class starts May 1 and Sunday class starts May 7

Youthful Aging

60 min. session |  $25 + tax

Body conditioning to energize muscles and improve balance

Ideal for Seniors

Starts May 8

Dance for Mobility

1 hr session |  $28.75 + tax

This class is taught by Alexandra Forget who is a Master's candidate for Occupational Therapy at McGill University and a long time working dancer. This class is to help participants with low mobility, proprioception and balance

Low intensity, ideal for Seniors

Starts May 31

Golf Prep

60 min. session |  $57.50 + tax

This class will assess and train the large muscle groups associated with golf to maximize performance and prevent injury.

Ideal for Golfers

Tuesdays starts May 9 and Thursdays starts May 11

Muay Thai

1 hr session |  $45 + tax

Exercise class using Muay Thai principles. This class is taught by Bicky Nguyen who is trained in the martial art of Muay Thai and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

No uniform required. Not for martial arts certification

Low to moderately active individuals

Starts April 23


45 min. session |  $47.50 + tax

Train your core and improve your movement, taught by Marnie Scanlan a certified instructor

Low to moderately active individuals

Starts May 11

No-Fuss Stretch

60 min. session |  $25 + tax

Stretching class to release tight muscles

Starts May 9

Gentle Yoga

1 hr session |  $30 + tax

Excellent for improving flexibility and joint stiffness, this is a yoga class offered by Jerry Dzindzio. This class is specially designed to be adapted to various abilities and limitations in mobility

Low to moderately active individuals, ideal for Seniors

Starts May 8


1 hr session |  $ 48 + tax

This class will be taught by Dina Merhbi. Focus on flexiblity, mobility and strengthening through various yoga styles.

Low to moderate activity

Starts May 31

Summer Bootcamp for Abs & Glutes

60 min. session |  $25 + tax

strength and conditioning for the large muscles of the body

moderate activity

Starts May 4

Personalised Group Training

Available for groups from 2-6 participants in packages of ten 1 hour appointments. Prices range from $55-359. Membership not required. This is a great way to tailor a private group class for you and your friends. For more information, please contact us

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