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Zumba Class Class members from a recent Zumba group
Group classes at the PERFORM Centre Gym are exercise sessions that target all muscle groups and provide a full-body workout.

There are exceptions for make-up classes, as per the individual instructors. Please call or email for specific dates for your class.

* 6-20 participants. Classes may be cancelled if there are less than 5 registrants. Notification of cancellations will be done on the Friday the week before the class begins.

* The classes are open to non-gym members as well.

* Drop-in rate per class is $15 + tax.

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Afro-Caribbean Dance

1 hr sessions, 9 weeks |  $72 +tax | January 19 - March 23. No class Feb.23. and March 30.

The Afro-Caribbean dance is style of dance that originates in Africa where the legs are bent and the feet perform stomping movements.

All exercisers


Bootcamp - Abs & Glutes

1 hr sessions, 10 weeks |  $80 +tax | January 20 - March 24

Strength and conditioning for the large muscles of the body. Taught by Henry who is a national Judo champion and personal trainer.

Healthy exercisers



1 hr session, 10 weeks |  $80 + tax | January 16 - March 20

A meditation class intended for beginners to introduce the meditation practice. Class is taught by a retired Concordia Professional who has practice meditation for over 40 years.


Healthy individuals, beginners




TUESDAY or THURSDAY : 45 min sessions, 8 weeks |  $80 + tax | January 16 - March 22. No class March 1, 6, 8

Core strength, flexibility, and balance training through controlled movements with Alida.

Low to moderately active individuals


Strength & Conditioning for People 50+ Years

1 hr sessions, 10 weeks |  $60 + tax| January 19 - April 6. No class Feb.23, Mar. 30.

A fitness class that incorporates movement to increase strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance. Taught by Helene Kim, FKQ Kinesiologist, B.Sc.

Low to moderately active individuals, ideal for Seniors +50 years



1 hr sessions, 10 weeks |  $60 + tax | January 17 - March 21

This stretch is led by  student intern, Claudia, who has extensive experience in dance. She will guide participants through light stretch and relaxation.

All exercisers


Tai Chi

1 hr sessions, 7 weeks |  $84 + tax | January 16 - March 1

A Chinese Chen style class taught by the Sino Wushu Academy

All exercisers



1 hr. sessions. 10 weeks |  $60 + tax | January 17 - March 21

This class is designed for those who want to progressively increase their running distance this winter. The class will occur in the community. Taught by Christina Weiss.

Healthy exercisers


Gentle Yoga

1 hr sessions, 7 weeks |  $84 + tax | January 17 - February 28

Excellent for improving flexibility and joint stiffness, this is a yoga class offered by Dina Merhbi. This class is specially designed to be adapted to various abilities and limitations in mobility

Low to moderately active individuals, ideal for Seniors



MONDAYS: 1 hr sessions, 15 weeks |  $120+ tax | January 8 - April 23. No class on March 5.

Combine your love for dance and getting fit with our certified Zumba instructor Cindy!

For healthy exercisers


Personalised Group Training - create your own group!
Available for groups from 2-6 participants in packages of ten 1 hour appointments. Prices range from $55-359. Membership not required. This is a great way to tailor a private group class for you and your friends. For more information, please contact us
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