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Learning and Performance

Research Axis 1

The Learning and Performance axis integrates the perspectives of researchers focusing on subject matter specialties, special education, educational psychology, and neuroscience, in order to study key questions about how students learn and perform. Researchers study the processes and performances involved in the acquisition of both subject matter and cross-curricular competencies (e.g., self-regulation, reasoning, metacognition, critical thinking). These targeted competencies are studied in diverse contexts and from diverse standpoints.

Learning Tools

Research Axis 2

The work of researchers within the Learning Tools axis deals with the design, implementation and evaluation of new digital and non-digital learning tools. The tools address various curricular and cross-curricular competencies (self-regulation, reasoning, metacognition, critical thinking) and are implemented in school-based syllabi, extracurricular and online contexts in Quebec and around the world. They are designed and evaluated from various standpoints, including cognitive, neuroscientific, didactic, sociocognitive, philosophical and aesthetic perspectives.



CSLP members are involved in a variety of research and development projects.

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CSLP researchers have developed a number of instruments which are freely available for research purposes.

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Systematic reviews

Comprehensive research syntheses on questions that address the impact of various educational interventions on student learning outcomes

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