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Today Canadians find themselves at a crucial juncture with respect to health. With a rapidly aging population, increasing globalization, enhanced social media and fast-evolving technologies, there are implications on our wellbeing– as well as increased demands on our health-care system.  To improve health outcomes, we must transcend professional and sectoral barriers in health research and education by creating opportunities to generate fresh thinking and creative collaboration across wide-ranging areas of expertise.  

The Health Initiative’s mission is to convene health-focused researchers, educators, students, practitioners, institutions and the general public to explore and address complex health challenges of today.  

Using a team-based cross-disciplinary approach, the Health Initiative Challenge aims to catalyze new research partnerships by providing funding for researchers to further develop existing collaborations and seek larger funding from external sources. Projects are required to span a minimum of two of the Health Initiative themes.


  • Teams must be interdisciplinary in nature and address at least two Health Initiative themes.
  • Participation of community partners is encouraged.
  • Applications must clearly target one or more team funding programs administered by external sources (funding agencies, industry, foundations) for the next phase of the research partnership.
  • Teams must clearly address how the proposed project is collaborative and outline the contribution of each team member.


  • All full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply. Part-time faculty members may be included as team members.
  • A team must be composed of a minimum of two members from different Health Initiative themes.
  • Research teams can include external team members but their activities must be supported through their own funding.
  • Applicants may not concurrently hold OVPRGS Team Seed funds or external funds for the same project. Should applicants be awarded external funds as a result of pending applications, their Challenge application will be considered ineligible.


  • Up to two teams will be funded for a total of $30,000 per team.


  • 1 year.


Proposal – Deadline: March 12, 2020

Applications must include the following components:

  1. Lay summary (250 words)
  2. Project proposal (2 pages max)
  3. Description of research team (4 pages max)
  4. Budget and justification(4 pages max)
  5. CVs of team members (CCV format)

Use of Funds

Eligible Expenses for Concordia team members include:

  • Salaries for students, Postdoctoral fellows, and other research personnel
  • Travel for field work and data collection
  • Supplies and small pieces of equipment

Expenses related to dissemination will not be funded through this program.

Research activities conducted by external team members must be supported through their own funding.

It is expected that Challenge projects will result in academic outputs, knowledge dissemination and community based impacts, where applicable.

Research projects supported by the OVPRGS must comply with University policies governing research.

Successful applicants will be expected to present their projects and/or results at research engagement events organized by the Health Initiative team.

Applications are evaluated and adjudicated by the University Research Committee (URC), based on the selection criteria below. The weights are only suggestions and may be modified by the evaluation committee at its discretion.

  1. Originality and innovation of the proposal (40%)
    • Explores and tests new ideas, methods, or practices
    • Holds the potential for a breakthrough in knowledge or practice
    • Explores new methods of transferring knowledge
    • Fosters interdisciplinary research, develops new research synergies or networking opportunities
  2. Potential to scale up and attract external funding (30%)
  3. Training and involvement of students (15%)
  4. Consideration of and contributions towards the promotion of equity, diversity and inclusion in research enterprise and planned training of HQP (10%)
  5. Timeline and feasibility of the project (5%)

Submission Procedures


Ready to apply?

Specific application requirements are found in ConRAD by accessing Forms and then selecting the Apply New button and choosing the Health Challenge Form to complete.

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