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Media Before 1800

Under the co-direction of Daniel Kline (University of Alaska Anchorage), Fiona Somerset (University of Connecticut), and Stephen Yeager (Concordia University), Media Before 1800 will bring cutting-edge discoveries from the disciplines of manuscript and early-print studies into conversation with the interrelated disciplines of media archaeology, infrastructure studies, and media ecology. The “1800” of this series title comes from Friedrich Kittler, whose description of the 1800 discourse network continues to influence the dominant periodizations of media history. Books in the Media Before 1800 series will examine media from the medieval and early-modern periods to make challenging and politically efficacious claims that engage with the discourses of critical theory, cultural studies, media history, and media archaeology. In particular, they will complicate the established narratives and counter-narratives of periodization, to look for alternative configurations of the relation between past and present. The first book will be published in 2019. Those interested in submitting to the series should contact:,, and

Series Advisory Board

Alexandra Gillespie, University of Toronto
Seth Lerer, University of California at San Diego
Jussi Parikka, Winchester School of Art
Paul Yachnin, McGill University

Authors, Publishers, Readers, Texts: Studies in Book History and Print Culture 

Sponsored by the Bibliographical Society of Canada (BSC) and under the editorship of Ruth Bradley-St-Cyr (University of Ottawa), Authors, Publishers, Readers, Texts will publish new scholarship in the fields of bibliography, book history, and print culture broadly defined. The first book in the series is expected to appear in 2020.

Founded in 1947, the BSC is a national, bilingual scholarly association that promotes the study of the history, description, and transmission of texts in all media and formats, with a primary emphasis on Canada. Starting in the late-1940s until the mid-1970s, the BSC published a number of bibliographies, facsimiles of early Canadian printing and publishing, and wider studies of Canadian book culture. This new series will reanimate the BSC’s important work in book historical and bibliographical research. Books in the Authors, Publishers, Readers, Texts series will not be geographically or thematically restricted, but, like the BSC itself, will have an particular interest in Canadian topics and projects. Titles will be published as appropriate in English or French. Membership in the BSC is not a requirement for authors or editors. Those interested in submitting to the series should contact:

Series Advisory Board 

Claire Battershill, Simon Fraser University
Fiona Black, Dalhousie University
Robert Desmarais, University of Alberta 
Cecily Devereux, University of Alberta
Marie Korey, Toronto, Ontario 
Isabelle Robitaille, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Myra J. Tawfik, University of Windsor 
Jocelyne Thompson, University of New Brunswick

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