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Laura Broley

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Mathematics education has been a passion of mine ever since I accepted my very first job as a tutor. Not only did I help students understand and feel empowered by mathematics, I noticed how I could inspire in them the same love of learning that drives me in everything I do. Seven years later, I am working under the supervision of Dr. Nadia Hardy, researching topics in mathematics education while pursuing studies in advanced mathematics. 

Research Description

No one can deny the important role of mathematics in the understanding and advancement of science and society at large. This is often why students at all levels and career paths are required to take courses in mathematics, even into their post-secondary academic programs.

Despite this, students taking these courses often spend most of their time memorizing a fixed set of concepts and techniques in order to pass exams.

The way mathematics is portrayed is far from representing the creative and complex practices of professional mathematicians. My research aims to explore this gap at the undergraduate level and offer possible ways of bridging it. My hope is to ultimately provide insight into the development of more relevant, dynamic and engaging mathematics curricula across Canada. 

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