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Sources of Funding

When starting a group or initiative having funding is essential to get your projects up and running. Below is a list of resources at Concordia you can potentially use to make your ideas a reality.

Concordia Council on Student Life Special Project Funding

The Council provides funding to unique projects that contribute to improving the quality of student life at Concordia. These are projects that seek to positively raise awareness or engage the student body in a social, political, educational or cultural context. The fund is available to all students and student groups. Find out more about the Special Project Fund.  

    (514) 848-2424, ext. 3517 or 4239


Sustainability Action Fund

Offers a fund for sustainability projects/sustainable developments. The Board then has a look at the projects for review. 

     Contact: EN-300; extension 5138


 Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA)

Funding is available for students enrolled in a program in the faculty of Arts and Science at Concordia or for ASFA groups.

     Contact: EN-400; extension 7966


 Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

Funding is available to students enrolled in the faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia and for FASA groups.

     Contact: EV-5.777; extension 5057


 Concordia Student Union (CSU)

CSU Special Project Funds - Undergraduates can request funding for student-led projects that “impact and benefit the Concordia undergraduate community.” Requests cannot exceed $1000 dollars.

CSU Special Clubs Fund - Provides undergraduate students with up to $5000 for CSU Clubs who wish to develop a new initiative not included in their approved annual budget.

CSU Community Action Fund - This fund is available to anyone and is designed to grant funding to both on and off-campus initiatives or organizations aligned with the CSU Positions Book and to accommodate costs needed by a Concordia University undergraduate student association in the case of a binding strike mandate voted by said association. Special attention shall be made to prioritize funding to initiatives organized by and advocating for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour and other marganized groups, as well as initiatives and organizations having scarce access to funding.

CSU Food Systems Special Project Funding - Is available to all undergraduate students to facilitate the growth of a student-run community food system on campus. More specifically, projects must: include educating the community on food justice; contribute to environmental, social, and economic sustainability; be accessible to the Concordia university community; focus on the well-being of students rather than the generation of financial profits; demonstrate a significant level of advancement in its planning and preparation; special consideration is given to projects that involve social inclusion costs.

CSU Committee Funding - Concordia Student Union committees manage annual budgets for CSU activities that also can be accessed

for project funding, within certain limits. Each commitee has a specific mandate, and will only provide funding to initiatives within this mandate. Priority access to these funds is given to Concordia undergraduate students, however – in some cases – funding can be awarded to graduate students, Concordia community organizations, or external projects and organizations, especially if Concordia undergrads are involved in them. Each committee accepts applications on a rolling basis. The application process involves the submission of a standard question form that is slightly tailored to each committee, as well as a detailed budget including expenses and revenues. 


 Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA)

Projects must fit the ECA mandate. The funding is available for groups under the ECA.

     Contact: H-838; extension 7408



Graduate Community Building Fund

The Graduate Community Building Fund provides financial support of up to $5,000 on a competitive basis, towards special projects meeting the criteria listed here. These funds are intended to build an intellectual community within graduate programs, by bringing together students and faculty for events, lectures, symposia and more.



Contact: Erika Macfadden
Coordinator, Information and Projects
School of Graduate Studies, GM 930.37
Tel: (514) 848-2424, Ext. 3814

QPIRG Discretionary Fund

Applicants can ask for up to $400 each disbursement period (which happens approximately once a month), for projects that support local actions, projects or movements, or local connections to global movements, organize around issues of social and environmental justice that are underrepresented at Concordia University, actively create campus-community links and engage with Concordia University undergraduate students, engage in solidarity organizing that takes leadership and direction from the communities with which they work and/or are organized by people who are directly affected or implicated in the group’s mandate, and those that need access to QPIRG’s resources and funding, and might otherwise have difficulty finding support.

Graduate Students Association

Fund available for GSA members in good standing (having paid fees to the GSA). Funding is for projects not related to school work. There is also a Conference subsidy grant.

     Contact: T-202; extension 7900


Department of Graduate Studies

Registered graduate students may apply for funds to give presentations at major scholarly conferences, or present at artistic exhibitions in a peer-reviewed or juried context. Applications must be received before the conference start date.

     Contact: Jordan Carey, extension 3835


Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science

Events must be directly related to the School, and on a case by case basis.



Faculty of Fine Arts

Available to students in the faculty of Fine Arts who are invited to show their work outside of Montreal. Preference is given to undergrads as they have no access to government funding.

     Contact:; extension 4701


Concordia University Alumni Association (CUAA)

Funding must benefit a group of students and further the academic mission of the CUAA and the university. Applicants must be full/part time Concordia students, or a recognized Concordia student association. 

The fund is available for both projects and conferences. Deadlines occur in September, November, January and March. For specific application deadlines and more information visit the CUAA funding for projects page.

    Contact: Olivia Piccirelli; extension 3881


Multi-Faith and Spirituality Centre's Grant for Concordia Religious and Spiritual Student Groups

The purpose of this grant is to enable religious or spiritual student groups to send members to conferences or retreats which are pertinent to the goals of the club and that tie in with the mission of Multi-faith and Spirituality Centre. Student groups may also apply for this grant to use towards an on-campus event that is faith or interfaith specific. Find out more about this grant.

     Contact:; extension 3593


Commerce and Administration Student Association (CASA)

CASA Conference Program

The CASA Conference Program Fund provides undergraduate JMSB students support for attending conferences related to their field of study. It can be applied for once per semester and has no set deadline.

CASA Special Projects Fund

This provides funds for new membership requests under the CASA umbrella as well as projects that bring regional, provincial, national, and/or international representation to the JMSB and CASA, promote participation of JMSB students at large, are “extraordinary in nature,” have a unique purpose or focus on a student group not currently catered to or represented, have a “significant amount of student interest in the prospective Subsidiary, and are aligned with CASA’s strategic plan.

Concordia University Small Grants Program

The Concordia University Small Grants Program (CUSGP) provides up to $1,000 in financial support to full- or part-time students, on a competitive basis, towards special projects meeting the criteria listed on the website below.

The following document was prepared by the Concordia Student Union (CSU) as a guide to applying for funding for social justice projects: Social Justice Project Funding at Concordia

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