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Get the straight talk on teaching from faculty colleagues

One of the major challenges faculty often face is getting together to talk about teaching and learning. Join us for coffee, conversation and the exchange of pedagogical know-how.

2017 - 2018

Interdisciplinary Teaching (Highlights and Lesssons Learned)

Monica Mulrennan, Geography, Planning and Environment pk Langshaw, Design and Computational Arts  Raymond Paquin, Management Satoshi Ikeda, Sociology and Anthropology Anna Kruzynski, School of Community and Public Affairs  Nawwaf Kharma, Electrical and Computer Engineering Matthew Anderson, TheologyJohn Bentley, CTL

Faculty Tips and Tricks for Finding Effective Work-Life Balance

Tracy Hecht, Management Rosemary Reilly, Applied Human Sciences Kimberley Manning, Political Science & Principal, Simone de BeauvoirJohn Bentley, CTL

2016 - 2017

Promoting Pedagogies for Writing Across the Curriculum

Laura Dunbar, English • Graham Dodds, Political Science • Teresa Hernandez-Gonzalez, Education • Juliet Dunphy, Student Success Centre • Deborah Dysart-Gale, CES • Theresa Bianco, Psychology • Darren Weshler, English

Fostering Critical Thinking and Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Calvin Kalman, Physics

2015 - 2016

Strategic Direction 3.
"Get your hands dirty"

How to integrate real-world learning into courses

Liz Miller, Communication Studies • Ted Little, Theatre • Juan Carlos Castro, Art Education • Anne-Marie Croteau, Supply Chain & Business Tech. Management • Bill Lynch, ECE

Strategic Direction 8.
"Go beyond"

Copyright & open access materials

Alison Beck, Associate Legal Counsel • Geoffrey Little, Scholarly Communications Librarian

Strategic Direction 2.
"Teach for Tomorrow"

Start your new year with active learning

Rosemary Reilly, Applied Human Sciences • Matthew Barker, Philosophy

Strategic Direction 2.
"Teach for tomorrow"

Strategies for surviving team work

Steven Henle, Applied Human Sciences • Meral Buyukkurt, Supply Chain & Business Tech. Management

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