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TA Orientation

TA Essentials:  Answers to your TA questions


From keeping up with readings to grading essays, supervising labs, facilitating discussions, organizing slides, responding to student questions, and dealing with professors, not to mention your own graduate school work, your role as a new TA means you'll have a lot on your plate!

The Centre for Teaching and Learning Services invites TAs from all Faculties, both new and returning, to attend our TA Orientation, your opportunity to:

  • be introduced to the resources and support available to TAs;
  • hear from past TAs about their experience dealing with professors and students;
  • learn about space for current TAs to meet each other to share questions, concerns, and reflections


So you want to be a TA? An information session

For many of us, being a graduate students means being a TA (Teaching Assistant): an incredible opportunity to learn the job of teaching as well as supporting students in their learning. Sharing our knowledge of a subject also allows us to deepen our understanding of a discipline and of the academic process. In this info session, we will discuss what the content, requirements, and conditions of a TA's job. We will also explore some of the issues graduate students should consider before becoming a TA. Finally, we will investigate possible ways of applying to a TA-ship (there is no centralized process), and identify steps to get there.

Facilitator: TBA

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