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Tools for Digital Learning

The following tools are currently supported by Concordia and are available to instructors:

Learning management system - Moodle

Learning Mangement System (Moodle)

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a secure and private online space to post content and to facilitate online learning activities and communications for a course.  Instructors can use an LMS to enhance a face-to-face class or as an integral part of blended or online classes. Concordia currently supports Moodle as its LMS for technology-enhanced and blended courses.



Clickers, are a tool used to make lectures more active and engaging. Clickers use PowerPoint as a vehicle for delivering questions throughout the lecture that students can answer using a personal device. Clickers can make lectures more engaging by requiring students to actively apply their learning in class, and they provide very helpful feedback about student learning to instructors.

lecture capture

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is a tool used to record what the instructor is displaying on the computer along with the accompanying audio of a lecture. Instructors can use lecture capture to record in-class lectures for students to use as a review resource and to improve accessibility for all learners. An instructor can also record lectures to use in place of in-class meetings in other or future sections of the course. Concordia currently supports Panopto and Camtasia as lecture capture solutions.

Web conferencing - Adobe Connect

Web-conferencing (Adobe Connect)

A web-conferencing solution provides an online space for live virtual classes. It is a way to hold a class virtually where all participants can be seen and/or heard and the instructor can share the content on their screen.  Web conferencing solutions can add the human experience to online courses, or provide a way to hold interactive lectures online in blended or traditional face-to-face classes. 

Choosing technology
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