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Digital Learning

Digital learning refers to the use of technology in courses to support and strengthen teaching. A wide spectrum of options exists and creates a continuum of technology use in teaching, from hardly any to an all- online course. 


1- 24% Online

25- 79% Online

80- 100% Online


Technology-Enhanced Learning

technology-enhanced learning

A technology-enhanced course is a face-to-face course where instructors use one or more digital tools to promote learning in the classroom and outside of class.


Blended Learning

In a blended, or hybrid, course, the face-to-face time is reduced so that some lectures, assignments or group work is done online or in the community.


Online Learning

In an online course, all instruction, course activities and assignments are done online. One or two face-to-face classes may be held for the first class or for assessment purposes.

Are you experiencing one or more of these needs in your classroom?

  • A need to efficiently and effectively get messages and materials to students between classes
  • A desire to spend more class time working through problems and less time lecturing and re-hashing the readings
  • A need to facilitate group work among students who live throughout Greater Montreal and have conflicting class and work schedules
  • A need to hold class while also attending a conference out of town
  • A desire to invite a leader in the field to speak to your class, but the leader lives in another community

Digital learning refers to technologies that help you with these and similar practical teaching challenges.  



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Find out more about available technologies supported by Concordia for your course

Learning Management System (Moodle)
Lecture capture
Web-conferening Software (Adobe Connect)
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