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Concordia University is growing its list of educational technologies that are fully supported for teaching and learning so that faculty can feel comfortable knowing there are teams in place to help.The CTL and IITS are working together to provide resources, instructional support and opportunities for professional development to help faculty discover new ways of bringing innovative pedagogies into the classroom and beyond.

Moodle: The Moodle (abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) learning management system (LMS) is a secure web-based environment used for the development and delivery of course activities and resources. Moodle allows teachers to organize and store course content in a secure web-based environment which their students can access from anywhere at any time. Teachers can post, collect, and grade assignments, administer quizzes, host online discussions, share resources, and more. Visit the IITS Moodle information and resources guide for full details.

Yuja: The Yuja Enterprise Video Platform is available to all instructors to record live lectures. Lecture content that has been recorded can be viewed by students in Moodle. The technology uses software and hardware to capture classroom elements and package them into a rich multimedia presentation which can be distributed and viewed on personal computers and mobile devices over the internet. The lecture capture software enables the audio recording of lectures in combination with embedded PowerPoint slides, content from secondary devices like document cameras, integrated into a single presentation. The software indexes this content, making it searchable for topics or phrases and allows students to take digital notes while watching videos. Analytics are available to faculty to track student engagement. Visit the IITS Lecture Capture information and resources guide for full details.

To learn more about using external technologies and services please visit Concordia University Educational Technology Guidelines for Faculty and Students.
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