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Digital Archives Preservation Strategy


With the ever-increasing volume and technical complexity of digital records, Concordia University Records Management and Archives (RMA) has created a Digital Archives Preservation Strategy (DAPS) in order to respond to challenges linked to the preservation and management of digital records. This Strategy reinforces RMA’s commitment to collecting, preserving and making digital holdings accessible for future researchers.

As a next-generation University, managing digital assets with long-term historic value will play a central role. Therefore, this Strategy puts in place a framework that will ensure the enduring usability, integrity, authenticity, discoverability and accessibility of digital archives housed at RMA.

This Digital Preservation Strategy is in line with the Strategic Directions of Concordia University. With this endeavor, RMA, while being the guardian of the institutional memory, takes a step forward by collecting and making accessible digital records.

This Strategy will contribute to double its research as RMA provides the institution with means to keep records related to research for future generations. Furthermore, research data collected today will become the research material for tomorrow’s researchers.

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