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Concordia digs into Montreal’s messy roads

Alexander Svensson, Flickr Creative Commons

Gazette journalists and Concordia researchers
launch a citizen-engagement experiment

Concordia University, The Montreal Gazette and the 2016-2017 Atkinson Fellow on Public Policy are partnering in a first-of-its-kind experiment to explore the gap left by shrinking newsrooms and determine whether it could be filled by inviting experts and citizens to work together to tackle  a question of civic importance.


This project is dynamic and ongoing so new elements will be rolled out over the coming weeks and months. Whether it's submitted as an individual or a community organization, we need your input on what it takes to build the Montreal of the future: Participate through online events to be hosted on Concordia or Montreal Gazette social media accounts. Watch this space for updates. 

Social media


Mazdak Nik-Bakht, Assistant Professor in the Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

Gathering hard data from social media posts

Prof. Nik-Bakht and his research team have developed an innovative method that could allow the powers behind mega-construction projects to better inform citizens on the scope and objectives of roadwork, as well as its impact on commuters.

See the graphic illustrations of the Twitter conversations

Amin Hammad, a professor in Concordia's Institute for Information Systems Engineering

4D video simulation of construction projects

Prof. Hammad also believes Montrealers could be better informed about how the work on complex infrastructure projects will be carried out and what impact that work will have on people using the roadways. The twist? The fouth dimension is time.

Read more & watch the demo video

Video illustration of proposed Turcot overhaul

A few years ago, Prof. Pierre Gauthier, an urban planner in the Faculty of Arts and Science, and his undergraduate research team partnered with Prof. Hammad and his research team to illustrate an alternative proposal for the redesign of the Turcot.​

View the video

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