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Proposal Writing Resources


Your Assignment II guidelines tell you to "please read in its entirety one of the following books": 


YOUR BOOKS - Broader context and critical reception


Though your assignment does NOT require you to write a book review, it may be helpful for you to find and read book reviews or essays related to your book and its themes:

A - Book review or essays -- sample database searches:

Here are some sample SEARCHES:



B - FYI:  Journals with book reviews and review essays:

**See also our Concordia library guide


Research Methods & Data Analysis

Many of the resources listed on this page can help you find material about research method(s) you may be considering, but you should also try:

  • Sage Research Methods Online
    • This tool contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, books, journal articles and videos dealing with research methods in both theoretical and practical terms. It also includes Methods Map, a visualization tool that attempts to map relationships between methods.

    • For help with ideas about how to approach the texutal data analysis section of your Field Research Portfolio, (Winter Assignment), you might want to consult books that deal with qualitative data analysis, such as the SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Data Analysis

  • Texbooks and books on reserve for both SOCI 415 and SOCI 410


Written examples of local field research can also be found in the work of other students, both graduate and undergraduate.  

  • To find Concordia Masters and PhD theses:
  • You can find examples of past undergradate Honours Papers & Essays in the Sociology and Anthropology Departmental Reading Room, H-1132.

  • The Stories from Montreal books are examples field research work by SOCI 315 students. You can find all the books and browse their table of contents in CLUES.


Literature Review is required as part of your Final Research Paper & Portofolio. While the instructions on your Assignment III guidelines should always come first, our library help guide may also be useful: 


The main task of articles in these kinds of journals is to review or synthesize the literature related to a research topic. They include extensive bibliographies which can lead you to many other sources which might be relevant to your research question or thesis. Try these:

*NOTE: Though these journals ARE considered scholarly, they do NOT usually present their own empirical research or field research results. You will need to search the databases below to identify more sources for your own lit review.

ALSO TRY Conceptual Bibliographies:
  •  Oxford Bibliographies.
    These can provide brief introductions to branches or areas or research, and include extensive lists of important sources in many subject areas within Anthropology and Sociology


Databases: scholarly articles

Search any of these databases to identify scholarly/academic articles related to your research topic:

with Canadian focus [but with a mix of scholarly and NON-scholarly sources]:

Depending on the topic you have chosen, additional databases in other subject areas may also be useful for you.


  • For Quick Tips on how to enter search terms in most of these databases, see this one-page CHEAT SHEET.
  • You can click on the Scholarly/Peer-reviewed journals checkbox in most of the databases above to ensure that the citations you choose are  scholarly/academic articles. See also Evaluating Sources.
  • Use the Findit@Concordia button within the databases to try and access the text of the articles. See also ACCESSING the texts.

If you have found an interesting citation that is not very recent, use the "Cited by" link available  in many databases (especially in Google Scholar) to find similar and more recent articles**

Books & Chapters: ONLINE & print


Dissertations and theses include literature reviews and long bibliographies, and they cover topics that are new or emerging.


Scholarly Reference Sources

Scholarly Reference Sources can provide invaluable background and context and help you explore relevant sociological topics or themes. They also include bibliographies of additional sources. You can:

Citations/bibliography: formatting & style guides


Start by watching this what can refworks do for you? video


Zotero & Other Competitors

ZOTERO is a free and popular alternative to RefWorks.
To begin:

  1. Register for a free account
  2. At the Download page select either:
    • Zotero for Firefox (all-in-one program via that browser)
    • Zotero Standalone (an easy extension on your browser + a component on your computer) 

You can also try other alternatives to both RefWorks and  Zotero:

News archives, online reference, primary sources

**Primary sources can be found in many different places, depending on the context. If you are not certain that you are looking in the right places, use one of our our ASK A LIBRARIAN services or contact me.**

Optimize your access from on & off campus


Getting more help

  • Sociology Web Pages:
  • Quick help is always available at our Reference Desk or from one of our other Ask a Librarian services - pick your favourite option. 

  • If you are still not finding what you need or you would like more one-on-one assistance, please feel free to contact me to make an appointment.

  • There are also many help guides available on our web site.
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