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Recruitment solutions

At CMS, we offer a pool of highly-employable JMSB students and alumni with expertise relevant to your organization. We are pleased to offer you the following recruitment options when you have immediate job openings and/or on-campus recruitment activities that you must direct to a targeted group of candidates. We also invite you to explore networking options.

Job posting database

An effective way for your organization to post full-time, part-time positions, summer jobs and internship opportunities for both students and alumni. Learn more about posting jobs.

Fees and services

  • Complimentary service: Job postings and internship postings targeting current students, new graduates and recent graduates having completed their studies within the last five years will remain free of charge if posted by the employer. Should a CMS staff member be required to post on behalf of the employer, a $50 service fee will be charged per posting.
  • Job posting fee: Job postings targeting experienced hires/alumni having graduated more than five years (i.e., applicants with over five years work experience) will be charged $100 per posting.
  • Third Party Recruiters: Job postings and internship postings posted by recruitment agencies, talent search companies, and headhunters will be required to pay an annual fee of $1200 to have unlimited access to the CMS job board and graduate student databases.

Annual business career fair

Allows your organization to meet and recruit the most competitive, highly-skilled business students and provides your organization with the opportunity for on-campus promotion.

Information session

A recruitment initiative inviting your organization to provide a formal company presentation (PowerPoint and/ or short video) showcasing your current job openings. The presentation is followed by a meet and greet with students/alumni.

On-campus interviews

We provide your organization with on-campus interview rooms to facilitate your recruiting efforts.

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