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Recruit one of your own

Remember what it felt like to look for your first job after graduating from the John Molson School of Business? 

Wouldn't it have been comforting to know that there were JMSB alumni who were interested in playing an active and participative role in assisting you with this important next step? 

We invite you to join your fellow alumni who, over the years, have come back to JMSB to "recruit one of their own". And, as a JMSB alumna/alumnus, you know the quality of JMSB graduates. So, before you look to other business schools for new talent, contact us to find out how you can recruit one of your own, and feel the privilege of knowing that you helped kick-start a JMSB graduate's business career!

To find out how you can post a position for JMSB students and/or alumni please click here.

To learn about recruitment activities that will help you recruit one of your own please click here.

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