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Named after benefactor David O’Brien, Chairman of RBC and Encana, the David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise (DOCSE) was inaugurated in November 2009. Thomas Walker, the Centre’s director, spearheads the Centre’s efforts to be the leader in developing business practices that support corporate social responsibility, sustainable financial systems, ESG (environmental, social, governance), SRI (socially responsible investments), sustainability, climate change, environmental crisis management, and ecopreneurship.


Developing sustainable practices through academic research, teaching, and outreach.

DOCSE has three main goals

  1. Advancing scholarly research and developing practical solutions for creating sustainable enterprises
  2. Integrating sustainability into teaching, learning and student activities
  3. Leading outreach initiatives to embed sustainability in organizations and communities

Main activities

DOCSE supports academic research, student education, training and professional development. Throughout the year, DOCSE hosts several distinguished speaker series events and corporate roundtables.

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