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Call for Applied Research Proposals

This is an open call for the academic community to submit applied research proposals for potential funding to the CN Center for Studies in Sustainable Supply Chain Management (CN Centre). As an open call, there is no application deadline.

The agreement signed by Concordia University and the donor stipulates that: “The purpose of the CN Centre is to establish an effective and mutually beneficial applied teaching and research platform where CN and JMSB will collaborate on designing, executing and bringing to fruition sustainable supply chain management based projects that make business and academic sense to all stakeholders involved. Research will focus on how to make supply chains truly sustainable and the criteria to define sustainability.”

Hence, the proposals submitted need to be in accordance with the above quoted purpose, clearly demonstrating three key elements: i) The domain of research proposed should involve a supply chain where at least two (preferably more) stakeholders (such as a supplier and a manufacturer) are present. ii) The issue of sustainability (environmental and / or  social, ethical) should be an integral part of the research proposal. iii)  The research to be conducted should be applied in nature incorporating field work.


The call is open to full-time tenured and tenure track faculty members at JMSB and Concordia University. External faculty members and / or graduate students can be part of the research team as long as the principal investigator is from JMSB or from Concordia University. Interdisciplinary research teams are particularly encouraged.

Suggested proposal content

The following content is suggested when submitting proposals:

  • A maximum 300 words long summary of the research work to be conducted
  • A statement on how the three key elements above are addressed in the proposal (maximum 300 words)
  • A research plan including a brief literature review and a detailed description of the proposed research and its stages,  explicitly stating the research methodology to be followed
  • A timetable with dates of key milestones
  • Deliverable(s)
  • An itemized budget

Potential applied research themes

The following research themes are provided for reference only. Research proposals on other themes along the area of sustainable supply chain management can also be submitted. Interdisciplinary proposals are particularly encouraged.

  • Developing  diagnostic frameworks and performance measures for sustainability  issues in supply chain management
  • Supply chain sustainability risk mapping
  • Reverse logistics
  • Environmental, economic and social sustainability optimization 
  • Sustainability issues in transportation industry
  • Sustainability issues at lower tier suppliers
  • Relationship management along sustainable supply chains
  • Supply chain sustainability issues for small and medium sized enterprises in Quebec


Proposals submitted will be evaluated by the CN Centre Academic Committee. Evaluation criteria will include:

  • Overall academic quality of the proposal
  • Creative and innovative aspects of the proposed research
  • Extent to which the three key elements are addressed in the proposal
  • Feasibility of the budget and the timetable proposed

Guidelines & notes

  • Proposals should be no more than 15 single-spaced pages, using 12-point font and submitted in PDF format. Proposals outlining original research will be given priority. On-going research proposals may also be considered provided that a convincing justification is provided as to why additional funds are sought for.
  • Brief biographies and coordinates of all researchers should be appended to the proposal, indicating recent publications and recent grants received. The lead investigator should be clearly identified. Such material is not counted towards the page limit.
  • Additional material may be appended to the research proposal in support of the application. Such material is not counted towards the page limit.
  • Although shorter or longer durations may be considered, the time frame expected for proposals is in the 6-18 months range. The maximum award per proposal will be $20,000.  
  • Progress reports are to be submitted on a regular frequency as specified in the acceptance document. The Academic Committee reserves the right to withhold or cancel future installments if it deems that the progress of the work is not satisfactory.
  • Conference related expenses are not allowed.
  • The funded research proposals will be announced on the CN Centre website.

Application material (in PDF format) should be send by e-mail to the Director of the CN Centre at

For your questions, please contact Ahmet Satir through e-mail or by calling extension 2975.



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