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PhD in Business Administration

Timeline to defence

Examining Committee

Consists of at least 5 members:

  1. One External examiner (must be external to the Joint Program) 
  2. One External to Faculty examiner (external to JMSB but within Concordia University)
  3. Supervisor of Phase III Committee 
  4. Phase III Committee members (minimum 2 members – one of whom is from the joint    program outside of Concordia University)
  5. The Chair will be the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies or his/her proxy.

Nine to ten (9-10) weeks prior to Defence

Phase III Supervisor contacts the PhD Program Director with i) the CVs of three (3) potential External Examiners (must be external to the Joint Program) and ii) the names and contact information of three (3) examiners who are external to the John Molson School of Business but within Concordia University. 

Phase III Supervisor must provide several alternative examination dates and times.

Minimum six (6) weeks prior to Defence

Students must submit an electronic copy to the Thesis Office of the School of Graduate Studies along with one hard copy. Students must submit an electronic copy to the PhD Program Office as well.

Three (3) weeks prior to Defence

A formal announcement will be made to all departments of the University, all faculty members and PhD students in the Faculty of Commerce and Administration, and the PhD Program Directors of the three affiliated universities in the Joint Program. 

Two (2) weeks prior to Defence

Each member of the Examining Committee must complete a Thesis Examination Report and submit the same to the Thesis Officer (School of Graduate Studies) at least two weeks prior to the scheduled defence. 

Any member of the examining committee who cannot attend the defence must submit a written report on the thesis to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies who will appoint a delegate to carry the report to the examination. 

Criticisms of the thesis by members of the university, other than the examining committee, must be submitted to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies no later than 1 week prior to the thesis defence.

Thesis Examination

Refer to the Thesis Preparation Guide for thesis examination regulations.

Final Grade

When any required modifications to the thesis have been completed, the candidate's supervisor notifies the PhD Program Director by memo that the Final Grade be issued (i.e., PASS or FAIL), which in turn is submitted to the Registrar’s office. 

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