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PhD in Business Administration

PhD student office protocol

Shared offices assigned to graduate students are for study and research only; students are expected to be considerate of others sharing this space. Personal/private activity that could serve as a distraction to others must be avoided, or pursued elsewhere. Common rooms should be booked for group activities or one-on-one discussions.

Keep your office area as organized as possible; other students may be affected by your clutter. Maintain your space and report any items that need repair or require assistance. Please use only the desk top and the file cabinets assigned to you. Filing should not be left on the floor, and refrain from leaving food, empty cans, extra items of clothing, etc. in your area.

Space is becoming increasingly limited. If you are on leave without access then you do not have access to your space. Please prepare to remove all items you will require during your leave. Furthermore, if you are not using your space long term or short term, please advise the PhD Office as soon as possible to make arrangements for your belongings to be stored safely for you.

Students who have exceeded their time limit extension may be asked to vacate their assigned space to make room for new incoming students.

The outside door should be locked at all times.

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