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Anika Sisto (Laperrière)

Anika Laperriere 768

Date of entry: 2013 Fall
Expected graduation date: 2018 Winter

Current phase of study: Phase III (Thesis)
Status: Full-time student

Research Interests: International Business, innovation, services, small and medium-sized firms




  • MSc., Management, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, 2012
  • BCom, Marketing, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, 2009
  • BCom, International Business, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, 2008

Thesis titles

  • Exploring Innovation as a Determinant to the Internationalization of Small Knowledge-Intensive Business Services, PhD (Management), Concordia University, 2018
  • The Internationalization of Small Professional Service Firms: An Organizational Learning Approach, MSc. (Management), University of Ottawa, 2012

Academic and teaching experience

  • Habiletes en communication d'affaires (ADM 2781), University of Ottawa, Fall 2013, Summer 2013, Winter 2014, Summer 2014, lecturer
  • Habiletes en communication d'affaires (ADM 2781), University of Ottawa, 2010 – 2012, teaching assistant

Work experience

  • Marketing, Teldio, Ottawa, 2010 – 2013

Journal publications

  • Shearmur, R., Doloreux, D., & Laperriere, A. (2015). Is the degree of internationalization associated with the use of knowledge intensive services or with innovation? International Business Review
  • Laperriere, A., & Spence, M. (2015). Enacting international opportunities: The role of organizational learning in knowledge-intensive business services. Journal of International Entrepreneurship
  • Doloreux, D., & Laperriere, A. (2014). Internationalisation and innovation in the knowledge-intensive business services. Service Business

Conference publications

  • Laperriere, A., & Doloreux, D. (2016). Innovation modes and internationalization in service firms: evidence from Canadian knowledge-intensive business services (KIBS), International Schumpeter Society Conference, Montreal, QC
  • Laperriere, A., & Doloreux, D. (2015). Internationalisation activities and geographical location: an empirical study of service firms, American Association of Geographers (AAG), Chicago, IL
  • Laperriere, A., & Spence, M. (2014). Internationalisation as a catalyst for strategic renewal in SMEs, McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, Santiago, Chile
  • Laperriere, A., & Doloreux, D. (2014). Is the degree of internationalisation associated with the use of knowledge intensive business services or with innovation? McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, Santiago, Chile
  • Laperriere, A., & Doloreux, D. (2013). Internationalisation and innovation in KIBS, RESER European Association for Research on Services, Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Laperriere, A., & Spence, M. (2012). The internationalisation of small professional service firms: An organizational learning perspective, McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, Pavia, Italy
  • Laperriere, A., & Spence, M. (2010). Sustainable growth in internationalizing small service firms: A conceptual model, McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, Montreal, QC

Working papers

  • Does firm location matter for the internationalization of service firms? Doloreux, D., & Sisto, A.
  • Investigating differences in innovation profiles in domestic and international new ventures. Sisto, A., & Doloreux, D.
  • Examining the use of ICTs in different regional settings. Doloreux, D., & Sisto, A.

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