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Find out about the program structure, core courses, electives and non-core options, including the numerous experiential learning opportunities.


  • The full-time & part-time MBA is a 45-credit program consisting of 15 three-credit courses
  • Full-time students normally complete the program within 16 months to two years 
  • Part-time students take three to four years.
  • On-ramp: Students must complete an online on-ramp primer course at their convenience before starting classes. This course will give new students important tools and preparation for the program. Topics include: quantitative concepts, Excel, case analysis, team building, and time management.
  • The first part of the MBA program is made up of 10 core courses, which provide students with an integrated body of basic practical skills. Each core course is worth 3 credits, for a total of 30 credits.
  • In the second part of the program, students must complete 15 credits by choosing a variety of elective courses, and/or experiential learning activities. Each elective course is worth 3 credits. The experiential learning opportunities may be worth 3 or 6 credits, please refer to the list of options.


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