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Did you know that 15% of the Canadian workforce is self-employed?

Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship (GCE)

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship (GCE) focuses on the critical skills and knowledge needed to plan, launch and sustain a self-owned micro-enterprise. Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship students are required to complete five courses.

Please note that the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship (GCE) program is not open to international students.

The program offers a work-friendly schedule and students can complete the program (5 courses / 15 credits) in two or three semesters (full-time or part-time).

• GCE 511 Starting Your Own Business
• GCE 512 Marketing Your Own Business
• GCE 513 Growing Your Own Business
• GCE 514 Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation
• GDBA 595 Elective course

• Professional Business Skills
• Business Law
• e-Marketing
• Project Management

* Elective courses may change from year to year.

Click here for the 2018-19 course schedule for the GCE program


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