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Certification in Leadership and Management

If you’re a professional in a high-ranking position in a private, public, or not-for-profit organization, get ready to elevate your strategic leadership skills to the next level.

This six-day program shapes successful leaders into becoming champions of, and catalysts for, positive organizational change.

The certificate is designed in collaboration with, and facilitated by, university professors and accomplished business executives, and includes fifteen different instructors for each cohort.

Some learning objectives:

  • Enhance your ability to mobilize and coach teams
  • Overcome challenges with managerial courage and adapt your organization’s strategy to internal or external changes
  • Predict the impact of major developments in your organization
  • Enhance your oral and written presentation skills
  • Establish an innovative and creative environment in your organization
  • Reflect on your own strengths and talents. Regain your leadership skills

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