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Family Legacy and Wealth Programs

You’ve worked tremendously hard to achieve your success. You’ve made your mark, but what kind of legacy will you leave behind?

At JMEC, we know it’s never too early or late to begin planning and preparing for your legacy. This is why we offer programs that focus on long-term generational prosperity and legacy planning.

You and your family members will secure the education, tools and confidence required to craft your own legacy that will provide security for future generations.

Cultivating Your Family Legacy

When it comes to legacy planning, communication between stakeholders is essential.

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Family Wealth Program

Long-term prosperity, education, preparation and communication between stakeholders ensures the sustainability of your assets, protecting your family.

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 James Grubman

James Grubman, PhD, TEP, (keynote speaker) Family wealth educator and consultant to global families of wealth and their advisors at FamilyWealth Consulting and author of Strangers in Paradise: How Families Adapt to Wealth Across Generations.

Expertise: Client relationship skills and family dynamics in professional, academic and private client settings.

Denis Jaffre

Denis Jaffe, BA, MA, PhD

Expertise: Helping families overcome personal and organizational challenges to enable successful and fulfilling transfer of businesses, wealth, values, commitments and legacies across generations. As both an organizational consultant and clinical psychologist, he is one of the architects of the field of family enterprise consulting. He works with multi-generational families to develop governance practices and capability of next generation leadership, and to develop the capability of financial organizations and family offices to serve their family clients. He is an active speaker and workshop leader in programs for business families and financial service firms.

Rilla Clark

Rilla Clark, BA, BEd, MSc

Expertise: Leadership development. She is an executive coach, facilitator and speaker. She coaches senior executives in developing effective change leadership strategies and building integrated plans to engage and develop others in the vision. She accelerates transition for senior managers and executives as they step into roles with expanded scope and accountabilities as well as designs, facilitates and coaches custom client programs.

Patricia Saputo

Patricia Saputo, CPA, CA, DTax, FPl, TEP, ICD.D, Chief Financial Officer of Placements Italcan Inc.

Expertise: Managing a family office in the areas of accounting, estate tax planning, life insurance, investment management, governance and the soft issues of transferring wealth to the next generation.

Kostas Andrikopoulos

Kostas Andrikopoulos, CPA, CA, TEP, BA, Past President and CEO of one of Canada’s 20 top wealth management firms (Benefits Canada Magazine), managing director of a wealth management firm, sessional lecturer at McGill University and Concordia University

Expertise: Strategic planning, general management, marketing and product (service) development.

Kirby Rosplock

Kirby Rosplock, PhD, Founder & CEO of Tamarind Partners

Expertise: A recognized researcher, innovator, advisor, author and speaker in the family business and family office realms. She is the author of The Complete Family Office Handbook, A Guide for Affluent Families and the Advisors Who Serve Them.


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