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Anne-Marie Croteau | Photo by Christian Fleury
Anne-Marie Croteau, Dean

A professor in the Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management, Anne-Marie Croteau is a highly respected academic leader with 25 years of teaching and research experience, including 10 years as an administrator.

Croteau is a certified chartered director and serves on the board of directors for leading organizations, including the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) and Hydro-Québec.

She has held several academic leadership positions at JMSB, including director of the Graduate Certificate in e-Business Program, the John Molson Executive MBA Program and the Global Aviation MBA Program, and associate dean of External Relations and Business Development. Most recently, she was associate dean of Professional Graduate Programs and External Relations at the JMSB.

In addition to her service to JMSB, she was associate dean at the School of Graduate Studies and participated on many university-wide committees where she demonstrated her capacity as a strong leader with a solid grasp of international issues and emerging opportunities, and expressed a strong appetite for innovation.

Highly cited, Croteau’s academic research focuses on the strategic management of information technology. She is a recipient of the JMSB Dean’s mid-career award for distinguished scholarship and for seven consecutive years, and was ranked as one of the most popular professors at Concordia by Maclean’s magazine.

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Barbara Henchey
Barbara Henchey, Director, Office of the Dean

Barbara oversees the daily operation of the office of the dean and ensures that JMSB’s administrative procedures are carried out in accordance with guidelines established by university administration. She assists the Dean in promoting the business school both internally and externally.

Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley, Executive Director, Corporate Relations

Patrick has oversight of the John Molson Executive Centre, Career Management Services, the John Molson Executive MBA program, as well as the Goodman MBA in Investment Management program. He is also responsible for business development both nationally and internationally.


Lynn Kinelski
Lynn Kinelski, Academic Affairs Administrator

Lynn is responsible for the coordination of all activities related to faculty affairs in the John Molson School of Business.She coordinates the administration of the CUFA, CUPFA and TRAC workload management and monitors and issues part-time and teaching assistant contracts. Lynn ensures JMSB’s adherence to all the relevant collective agreements.


Alexandra Karnezis
Alexandra Karnezis, Executive Secretary to the Dean

Alex provides administrative and logistical support and acts as a resource person for the Dean and the Dean’s Office.


Tina Kournikakis
Tina Kournikakis, Facilities Administrator

Tina is responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of JMSB administrative and academic facilities for teaching and research, as well as planning and implementation of systems to maximize access.


Javier Lee
Javier Lee, Director of Administration

Javier is responsible for JMSB’s human resources strategy, assessing staffing needs and determining the planning for staff professional development. He also oversees technological and administrative support of the business school. Javier monitors internal processes to ensure their continued effectiveness.  He represents the Office of the Dean on various committees and working groups.

Katie Malazdrewicz
Katie Malazdrewicz, Coordinator, Special Projects and Events Planning

Katie plans and coordinates special projects and faculty events. She is also responsible for documentation, information and promotional materials needed for JMSB’s special projects and events.


Padraig McLean, Faculty Financial Officer

Padraig plans, analyzes, reports and controls all the finances for JMSB. He establishes the business school’s revenue and expense budgets and oversees the expenditure process. Padraig determines the optimal way to utilize funds and establishes department, program and faculty spending levels. He ensures that most effective and efficient strategies are followed with respect to JMSB’s budget.

Yuri Mytko
Yuri Mytko, Communications Advisor

Yuri is responsible for enhancing the visibility and reputation of JMSB both internally and externally through the planning, development and implementation of communications and marketing strategies. He drafts speeches, press releases, presentations and briefing materials. He also handles media requests and coordinates media events.

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