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Adobe Connect virtual classroom software

Connect is a software from the Adobe Corporation that lets instructors and students meet online at the same time in a virtual classroom.  In the virtual classroom, instructors can lecture; interacting with students through voice, chat, and poll questions; share slides, documents and other resources; and let students work in groups, even though they are located in different places.  Instructors can record the session and make the recording available to students to review later.
Instructors can use the virtual classroom for a single session, or for an ongoing class.  For example, one instructor might schedule a virtual classroom to include a guest speaker from outside of the greater Montreal area in the class.  Another instructor might schedule a virtual classroom session each week because class is scheduled at 8:00 on Friday night in winter, a time when traveling to campus might be inconvenient.
In addition, instructors and administrators might use the virtual classroom to include an external examiner or remote student in a thesis defense. 

Related policy:  When recording voice or image of anyone in the classroom other than the instructor, instructors must receive signed release forms from people.  Instructors should include a statement of use either on their course outline or in the Moodle site, or both.  More specific information is available on Moodle.  See documentation below.

Who can use it?

All instructors and program administrators, as well as teaching assistants for instructors who want to use this software.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.

How to get it

Instructors or administrators need to submit a virtual classroom request to the Centre for Teaching and Learning ( The coordinator responds with a link to the virtual classroom, as well as information about scheduling training to use the system, which is required for all first-time users.

First-time and occasional users can also request the presence of a support specialist during the scheduled class from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, subject to the specialist’s availability. 

Service availability

This is a cloud-based service provided by a third-party provider.  The service provider occasionally takes the server offline for routine maintenance and updates. 


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